Can You Read This? (How Sight Words Cause Dyslexia)


If your child’s school is using sight words instead of intensive phonics for teaching reading, this is how the text of even a simple children’s book would look to your child. The child might be able to pick up a few words here and there. The child might figure out that the story had something to do with a farmer, a door, and a floor. If there were any pictures, the child might look to them for clues. But the child would not be able to draw any meaning from the text itself. In other words, your child would not really be able to read.

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The Most Violent People on Earth!

Who are the most violent people on Earth? Think carefully before you answer. The correct answer is two-year-olds: people in their “terrible twos.” Toddlers hit. They bite. They pinch. They scratch. (My sister has a barely visible scar on her cheek from a particularly vicious fellow toddler in her Sunday school nursery.) Toddlers also throw screaming tantrums when they do not get what they want. Sometimes, they throw tantrums when they do not even know what they want.
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