The Best-Kept Secret in U.S. Education

It’s the best-kept secret in U.S. education. Poor black and brown children are just as capable of learning as rich white children are. This simple fact has been proved many times in various private schools, which can serve only a lucky few. If someone dares to prove it in a public school, which could then serve as an example for others, the educational system responds in a predictable way. First, there are accusations of cheating. Then, after it turns out that the accusations are unfounded, efforts are made to destroy the program that is responsible for the poor and minority children’s high achievement. The attempts to destroy the program sometimes start even before the program has made much progress. This pattern of unexpected success, false accusation, and suppression is common in schools that serve the underprivileged. In contrast, the schools that serve the children of the wealthy and powerful are expected and allowed to be excellent.
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